September 10 2014: Molokai Dispatch article

Nutrition tips

Do you feel hungry all the time? Or do you eat whether you feel hungry or not, just because it’s your meal time? Whatever your answer is, the truth is that if you want to lose weight you need to give your body a chance to burn some of its stored fat. The biggest secret to achieving this is MEAL SPACING!

Try and eat 5 to 6 meals per day, but have smaller portions at each meal. This way you won’t feel so hungry, and you won’t get so many cravings. You’ll have more energy because your blood sugar level will remain steadier. Make sure you never skip a meal! If you miss one meal then you can be sure that hunger will drive you to snack, or binge, or eat food that you did not have planned.

If you eat larger meals at one time, or if your meals are too close together, then you’ll find it much harder to lose weight. Eventually you will actually gain weight, and your energy levels will decrease too. The biggest advantage of smaller meals, well spaced out throughout the day, is that your metabolism will actually increase each time you eat. If you can frequently raise your metabolism then this puts you in the driving seat of your body!

Don’t forget that if you eat one meal more than you need, then of course your body will store fat. If you have just one or two big meals each day, or too much space between each meal, then your metabolism will slow down.

So be smart about what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat. Make a plan! If you are working full time then you can prepare your meals beforehand - this way your food is ready whenever you need to eat, you can still eat at the right times even if you don’t have so much time available.

Remember to take it one day at a time. Achieving a small success on one day will make you more confident about your progress. If may look hard, but remind yourself what your goals are - you will have more energy, you will need less (or no) medicines, and you will improve your health.

Stay healthy and happy!!!

August 20 2014: Molokai Dispatch article

Having a plan

Do you have a plan for your future? Or even a daily plan of what you need to do?
Did you know that if you have a plan you a much more likely to reach your goals, and to achieve your goals much easier too?

Whatever you want to do, the first step is to make your plan. Then you need to stick to it! I know that you already know this, but are you actually doing it?!

Take your time to make your exercise or nutrition plan. Make sure that you make goals that you can achieve short term - this will make it much more realistic. If you need help then ask an expert, or just search the internet.

This week I'd like to give some tips about making an exercise plan!

- Make your plan for at least a 4 to 8 week period. With most exercise it takes that amount of time to really see the results
- Take your time to write it down
- Be realistic about what you can do in this amount of time
- Don't forget your goals
- If you need help ask a trainer
- Check the internet to make sure you are doing the correct form of exercise - look for videos showing how to do it correct
- Make sure that you do your exercises at a controlled speed, and move through the full range of motion for your muscles. Don't forget your muscles don't know how much weight you are moving, only how much you feel it! Going slow and controlled, and through the full range of motion with a lighter weight can be much more beneficial for your muscles!
- Change your intensity each week. If you use heavier weights one week, then switch to lighter weights with more repetitions or cross-fit style the next week. This way you can rest your muscle and allow muscle hypertrophy, also it will help keep you progressing forward and prevent you from hitting a plateau.

Whatever your current fitness level is, whether beginner or advanced, it does not matter! What is important is that you make a plan suited to your fitness level.

My next article will be about making a nutrition plan! Until then be active, be happy, be healthy and smile!
See you soon!

July 23 2014: Molokai Dispatch article

Workout and Nutrition

Do you workout to lose weight?

If the answer is yes, then unfortunately you are wrong! Let me explain why.

It’s great if you go to the gym to do your workout. Maybe you’re even doing intense training, or perhaps you’re just walking outdoors or doing yoga or hula. That’s great, and I love it! But if you keep eating more food than your body needs - if you keep giving your body the same nutrition every day - then nothing will change. Yes, you’ll feel better after your exercise, you’ll sleep better, you’ll feel proud of yourself. And that’s correct, you should be proud of yourself! But you should also be conscious of what you’re eating.

Try to be aware that your food is really just the energy that you’re giving your body to live. If you regularly eat a small amount of food, with a good balance of carbs, protein and fat for each meal, then you will most likely feel good after eating. But if you eat big meals, at irregular times, then excess calories will be stored as fat in your body. But saving fat is not like putting money into a savings account - it’s like using the limit on your credit card! And of course you won’t see any change in your weight or body shape. You’re giving your body more than it needs, so no matter how hard you exercise your body has to deposit the extra in your fat depot.

Each meal, try to be careful what you are eating, and how much you are eating. Try to take just a small amount of food with each meal so that your body has a chance to digest it and use it as energy.

Yes, definitely do your workouts every day for your soul, to feel good. But eat healthfully for your life!

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